Litigation / Enforcement

Litigation refers to the process of opting for legal action for a dispute between two or more parties. A lawsuit is a claim or dispute submitted before the courts of law. Litigation is the process of fighting or defending a case in a civil court of law. Commercial litigation involves business disputes.

The litigation process can be divided into three broad stages:

  • The issue of proceedings and filing of a defense;
  • Pre-trial procedures;
  • Trial

Intellectual property litigation relates to basically unauthorized use of a Trademark/ Copyright/ Design/ Patent in connection with goods and/or services to cause confusion, deception, or piracy/infringes about the source of the goods and/or services.

litigation pertaining to infringement and /or passing off the suit of Trademarks & Infringement suit of Patent, Copyright, Design, Semi-Conductor & Plant Variety Protection. The most common penalty for infringement is an injunction or damages against the defendant.

Intellectual Property Rights protection enables enforcement action to be taken, against infringers and counterfeiters who may attempt undue advantages to take the intellectual creations of others without permission. Therefore, the enforcement should take action against intellectual property theft, illegal copying of works, etc. If you don’t enforce your Intellectual Property Rights then Goodwill, image, losing reputation, business, sales, and customers.

The investigation is a legally established fact-finding process conducted in an impartial and objective manner, with the aim to establish the relevant facts and make recommendations in this connection. Intellectual Property Rights investigation includes fieldwork, which is the process of collecting information and evidence against the infringer.

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